First project of the new year!

I decided to start this year with something a little more soothing. I haven’t made nice car in ages, so I put that on my agenda for the time being. I found this awsome concept car on the web and thought it would be a neat one to be working on.


I already made the basemodel a while ago but it didn’t satisfy me the least. This time I will not be putting that much focus on the polycount but more on the texturing of the whole and on the proper modelling. Perhaps it might even be a good candidate for a first car in Carmageddon Reincarnation?!?! ;). Anyway, this is where I am at at the moment. It is still lacking the sporty feel from the photo’s but I’m sure I will get there:


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  1. Pip the Pest says:

    Hi Harm,

    Nice model : ) And really like the look of the new site.

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